RISSC Predict 2019

The Winner of RISSC PREDICT 2018 will receive a prize (£100) and trophy at the club meeting in January 2020

RISSC PREDICT 2019 includes these matches only:

M1 – Gibraltar v Rep. of Ireland
M2 – Rep. of Ireland v Georgia
M3 – Denmark v Rep. of Ireland
M4 – Rep. of Ireland v Gibraltar
M5 – Rep. of Ireland v Switzerland
M6 – Rep. of Ireland v Bulgaria
M7 – Georgia v Rep. of Ireland
M8 – Switzerland v Rep. of Ireland
M9 – Rep. of Ireland v New Zealand
M10 – Rep. of Ireland v Denmark

Entries were accepted up to kick-off time on 23rd of March

Update after first 2 matches coming soon…


RISSC PREDICT 2019 Point System:

  • Correct Ireland result prediction (win/lose/draw) 2 points
  • Correct score result prediction 5 points
  • Bonus point chance, based on total corners taken in the match. Higher or lower than 10 total corners in the match.
  • Total points available per match: 8
  • Bonus 8 points available for correctly choosing the total goals scored (by both teams) over the 10 games. 

The result you select does not necessarily have to tally with your correct score prediction and vice versa. You are free to choose the result and correct score independently from each other, should you wish to do so.

Nicknames can be used but should not include any foul language etc. We reserve the right to change nicknames if necessary.

Only one entry per member. Duplicate entries will not be included. Changes not permitted.

Should there be a tie, a sudden death round will be arranged for December 2019.